someone on twitter posted a pic showing what a great hatrack this oikawa figure makes, so naturally, i had to try it too.

then various antics followed

current mood

current mood

where the fuck can I buy that magazine?

whoa!! um, here is one! i think! PLEASE DON’T HURT ME

meanwhile in haikyuu


spoilers ahead

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so i wasn’t going to actually BUY this monstrosity

but then i flipped through it and OH it’s a houkago




talk to me about ushiwakachan and how he manages to piss everyone off by being his blunt oblivious self

shishido’s face says it all

shishido’s face says it all

my new clear file

my new clear file

i’m enraged

yo yo yo, this is my photo! not posting the source is not nice, tenipuri-myu!

yo yo yo, this is my photo! not posting the source is not nice, tenipuri-myu!

happy birthday tsukishima

kageyama was like “this is the perfect opportunity to show everyone what a stand-up team member i’ve developed my character into,” and decided to make this tsukishima’s best birthday EVER.

kageyama was like “get up loser we’re gonna celebrate or something.” tsukishima was like “how about we celebrate by you leaving me alone.”

but tsukishima eventually budged. they went to the petting zoo first and tsukishima actually had a good time because animals don’t like kageyama and that just gave tsukishima the best of chucks.

they then went to the arcade to win some electrodes because electrode is everyone’s favorite pokemon!!!

the electrodes hung out with them at subway.

then they went to an animate that sort of celebrated tsukishima’s birthday and it was a very awkward experience for everyone.

then they were hungry again and went to mcdonalds becuase WHY THE FUDGE NOT!!!

the last stop for the day was to get this shortcake crepe. all in all tsukishima thought the day was “okay”. they mostly had fun and tsukishima hates fun, but there were times when kageyama was miserable and tsukishima enjoyed that at least! hooray!!!

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